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Solar photovoltaic panel installations at UK properties rises 40%

Photovoltaic (PV) panels on a church roof. Photo - E-Bound Energy

Installations of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels at UK properties has risen by 40% over the last five years, and by 15% in the last year alone, reveals a new study of government data by Logic4training. The study analysed the latest data from the Office of National Statistics on the number of Solar PV installations in the UK and Solar’s contribution to the UK’s energy capacity.

It found that renewable energy sources make up 47.7% of all electricity generated in the UK (as of Q1 2023), which is a new record and a year-on-year rise of 2.4%. Solar PV is now the second largest renewable energy generator (after Wind power) that does not omit carbon directly into the atmosphere.

UK Energy from Solar PV is on the rise

Solar PV is one of the UK’s fastest growing renewable technologies , and provides 4.1% of all electricity generated, compared to 0.4% ten years ago. The study also found that Solar PV represents 20% of new energy capacity (0.9 GWH) since 2019, second only to Wind power.

40% increase in Solar PV panel installations

In-line with the rise in Solar PV energy, installations of solar panels have risen by 40% in the last five years, and by 15% in the last year alone. Echoing this, Logic4training’s analysis of Google search data shows that online searches seeking information related to purchasing or installing Solar PV panels has increased by 22% year-on-year.

Demand for Solar PV training soars

With demand for Solar PV on the rise, Logic4training, a leading UK provider of training for building services engineers, has seen a large growth in interest and enquiries for its solar PV and renewables training courses – an 18 -fold uptick over the last year, representative of the growing demand for work in the sector.

Mark Krull at Logic4training commented: “As the UK continues on its path to Net Zero, the rising popularity of solar PV provides an increasingly cost-effective option for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their energy bills and cut carbon footprints. The price of solar photovoltaic hardware has come down considerably over the last ten years, which, combined with souring electricity prices, has created the perfect storm for market growth..

“Following the rise in demand for new solar PV panel installations, we have seen unprecedented demand for our solar PV training courses, from both individual electrical installers and larger companies looking to capitalise on this lucrative and expanding marketplace.”

Logic4training’sLCL Awards Level 3 Solar PV Installation training course is aimed at experienced electrical installers.. To find out more, visit


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